also to minimize our SEO value

Professional letter: alignment career news conference. At present, our professional letter aligned each occupational category. After each release, now 20 more than the center of the media, as well as the professional media.

Several common pattern of soft domestic SEO Writing

High precision: the big news media, during which 50% of the media can be specified based on Member voluntary. Such as Occupational letter, a push net supply Occupational letter 50% of the media, or adjusted based on customer voluntary.

2, select content relevant keywords. Someone will always be sought after vocabulary included in the META Keywords – although this sought-after keywords have nothing to do with their own website content. Even some brand opponent also added to keywords, which are not only infringement complaints (foreign many similar cases). And because these so-called “high-demand” vocabulary did not appear in the site content, thus ranking and there has been no real help too much hypocrisy Keywords can also been Disposal lower rankings. Even get traffic through these words, nor is it useful traffic. .

Business Letter: alignment of consumer news conference. Today, more than 35 centers, commercial, vocational, regional media, but also on the current use of the news conference more will each release.

Seo optimization, keyword determination is crucial to optimize the work of the most important, identify good keywords for the site’s ranking has a lot of help, but also can not ignore the role of soft paper. Below, Yantai website building for everyone to talk about keywords and soft paper pattern.

National: aligned with the country’s press conference. The primary media gathered in the center of the media, professional media, as well as local media, local media cover up will be well. Aligned with the way of large-scale news conference, each conference has more than 50 renowned media coverage.

3, can not choose too broad keywords. Too wide of the word, not only to optimize difficult, SEO capital, the conversion rate is low. For example, tour, machinery, clothes, shoes and other. Encounter a webmaster to do a female network to ask me why his site does not flow. I saw the middle of his key word is “Women, Women Network, fashionable, fashionable women, a few key words without direction for keywords and keywords, too wide, this attributed website positioning direction, keyword indiscriminately selected, no traffic would be too normal.

Precise thrown: accurate dropped into enterprises specified media thrown Union thousands of media, we can pick thrown at any time in accordance with the Company.

Prestige higher degree: important publishing media, during which the center of the media, at least 3 to 8, local, occupational famous media accounted for more than 60% of the distribution medium.

Reproduced high: many famous media reports, at any time speculation Popular, luring dozens of media coverage.

From famous enterprises, listed companies, to small and medium-sized companies, released the news of the company, the establishment of the work now is not an unfamiliar brand. About the company’s owners, how fat, how to establish and protect my brand within the shortest possible time is a very confusing issue.

1, try to choose a find large game keywords. This is a paradox, Find a large amount of the game is relatively large. But we still hope to find such keywords as our policy, because this word is both to ensure the satisfaction of the traffic, but also to minimize our SEO value. The degree of the problem of the game the next section to analyze foremost by looking for results, auction effect, bidding consideration of race rival Baidu index data as see.

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